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Self Love

Ever wonder why- despite all of your blessings- you don’t experience peace and fulfillment?

Permanent peace and lasting fulfillment transcend WAY beyond the physical aspects of our life. True fulfillment reflects the depth to which we utilize our WHOLE mind.


Fulfillment Coaching, written by Cassie Korte, LCPC, offers a unique curriculum for individuals to master the Three Pillars of Spiritual Development: Self Love, Mastering the Mind, and Forgiveness. The program beautifully integrates clinical counseling interventions with spiritual education to guide student into creating their BEST selves.


Shine offers three avenues for completing the Fulfillment Coaching Program:

  1. Self-directed and self-motivated individuals would benefit from simply purchasing the book/audio book/supplemental material package and following the curriculum to fidelity.

  2. Individuals who will be working with histories of trauma or struggle with insecurities would benefit from working one-on-one with a Certified Fulfillment Coach.

  3. People who benefit from group learning and conscious communities would be best served by joining our 6 month class, taught by Certified Coaches.


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Fulfillment Coaching


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Fulfillment Coaching E-Book and Guided Meditations 

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Fulfillment Coaching Book (physical copy)
+ bonus of 5 Guided Meditations

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