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Shine: Conscious Consulting and Counseling serves to honor individuals and the collective through embodying a holistic perspective for healing and spiritual development. We offer several tools for clients and students.

Clinical Counseling services aid individuals to heal trauma, mood dysregulation, and anxiety disorders. Individual Spiritual Coaching offers clients spiritual direction that empowers Spirit Seekers to become their own inner teacher. Our Members Only Site, workshops, and retreats elevate the collective consciousness by teaching and inspiring groups of people.

Our desire is to bridge the gap between clinical counseling and spiritual development, as many in the collective experience mental health symptoms through being disengaged with their purpose, their Spirit, and greater connection. Our mission is to “elevate the consciousness of humanity through individual healing and group conscious education.”

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The SHINE Experience 

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Individual Clinical Counseling & Spiritual Coaching

We provide a safe space for clients and students to receive individualized healing care and spiritual empowerment.

Free Guided Meditations

Meditation creates in wellness in all aspects of Self: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Click here to access our library of FREE guided meditations.


Retreats and Community Education

Our Retreats and Community Education workshops build a Spiritual Community with a body so one can receive higher learning while connecting to like-minded individuals. 


Fulfillment Coaching

Ever wonder why- despite all of your blessings- you don’t experience peace and fulfillment?

Permanent peace and lasting fulfillment transcend WAY beyond the physical aspects of our life. True fulfillment reflects the depth to which we utilize our WHOLE mind.


Cassie Korte


of SHINE: Conscious Consulting and Counseling, Inc

Cassie Korte is a licensed counselor and avid spiritual aspirant. She has practiced clinical counseling since 2008 and has studied and taught advanced spiritual practices since 2011. As a counselor, Cassie specializes in treating trauma and integrating spirituality into her counseling practice. As a spiritual teacher, Cassie provides people the tools they need to trust their own Inner Authority. 


Cassie guides both clients and students to “create permanent peace and lasting fulfillment”. 

Cassie chose to create Shine: Conscious Consulting and Counseling because she believes that the worlds of mental health counseling and spiritual development need to collaborate. She has a vision for creating a more elevated planet through providing individual healing and group conscious education.


Cassie perceives people as whole and complete, and she has a unique method to inspiring Spirit in whom she serves. 

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